Unlicensed licenses with 3 million euros for online betting

Unlicensed licenses with 3 million euros for online betting

Extra revenue from gambling, with the approval of lenders, to close without action in 2020 – What the provisions of the development plan provide in detail. The approval of the institutions was obtained by the government in the bill it prepared to secure gambling revenue. Based on this plan, the revenues of the Greek State increase, due to a change in the licensing process, but also its calculation.


What are the details of the provisions included in the development polynomial plan?

Without a tender but at the request of the investor and under certain conditions, the online betting  fun88 licenses will be granted, in accordance with the provisions for the regulation of the online gaming market included in the development polynomial bill submitted to Parliament in the early hours of the morning.The provisions provide for the possibility of granting two types of licenses, with 7-year validity, an online betting license for 3 million Euros, and a license for other online games (casino type, poker, etc.) for 2 million Euros, while licenses are also allowed. The license has a duration of 7 years with the possibility of renewal with a re-payment of the same price. Each candidate may be licensed for both types of licenses, provided that he meets the conditions and pays the relevant price, while there is no maximum limit for issuing licenses. Licenses are granted by the Gaming Commission, and the websites of license holders must have a domain name with the suffix.Each site can host only one type of license. Licensees outside Greece are required to physically install a security server within Greece by connecting with E.E.E.P.Also, for the granting of this license, a letter of guarantee of 500,000 euros is required instead of the current 100,000 euros from a credit institution that is established and operates legally in Greece or in another Member State of the European Union or the European Economic Area. Etc.According to the provisions included, a Register of Gaming Promotional Cooperatives of the holders of online gambling licenses is created, which is kept by the Gaming Committee (E.E.E.P.). Holders of online gambling licenses are required to select partners from the above register.How can players enjoy the process without fear of being deceived by fraudsters, as legal online betting companies and casinos coexist with fraudsters who use mass spam missions to reach victims?

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 False websites advertised with spam are hosted mainly in countries where gambling is legal. However, they are also accessible to users from all over the world. This makes it easier for fraudsters.

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